Nel rehearsing her one-person show FRANKGHANISTAN that she has written, produced and is directing for the Melbourne Fringe Festival 28-30th Sept, Testing Grounds. 

Sept 2017

Come inside Passionfruit the Sensuality Shop, a boudoir of carnal desire to choose your own adventure through an artistic tapestry of sensuality and erotic story-telling. Twenty eros artistes of exquisite skill and speciality will guide you through intersecting worlds of subversive seduction. At less than arm's length intimacy, let each orator move you inside and out. A groundbreaking Melbourne Fringe Festival experience, ReVulvalution presents Erotic Bedtime Stories for Adults. Whetting your appetite and delighting all your senses through performance art, poetry, historical romance prose, kink, virtuosic soundscenes, culinary-lingus, shibari, liquid ceremony, BDSM, corroboree-burlesque, asexual comedy, velcro and so much more. ReVulvalution has hand-picked a selection of Australia's emerging and cutting edge leaders in the queer erotic performance arts.

Fantasising for four years, ReVulvalution Creator and Director, Janelle Da Silva is finally ready to unleash her crème de la crème collaboration in this exquisitely alluring venue. “I want the audience to leave feeling good about being in their own skin. I see the show as a safe, sensual and sovereign doorway for the public to have an immersive experience of depth, beauty, and diversity of eroticism in the arts.” Actor, director and performing artist of eighteen years, Janelle creates experimental performing art spaces that explore autonomy and inclusivity.


Sept 2017

Forget sex, sausages sell. The question is, d'ya want dead horse with that? Get sold on a one way ticket to the end of the line and experience the Gateway to the Peninsula in all it's guts and glory. Hilarious. Heart-warming. Edgy. Raw. Frankston the ugly cousin we love to hate, is celebrated through the eyes of long time local, Noel who'll introduce to you his home town.

Nel Da Silva, a first-generation Blasian Australian is a one- woman powerhouse, storytelling through performance art, spoken word, film & neo-burlesque vignettes of defining moments growing up in Funkytown, Stabbston, Franga (you know where). When she's not life modelling with her 9 ft python or running marathons to raise money and

awareness for the Cathy Freeman Foundation this Surfcoast mother-of-five is creating performance art outside of the breakfast-box that leaves audiences jaw-dropped and salivating.

“There's no place like home and Frankston is truly a diamond in the rough,” says Nel who credits her break in television twenty years ago on the ABC to her cultural identity. “I was employed because I looked interesting and spoke like a bogan,” unsure if that was a curse or compliment she ran with it and has not stopped running since.

“Frankston was the perfect pot to mix my Pakistani parents (Chinese and Anglo- Indian/Portugese) values to create a cultural blend that is a common voice for all Aussies. If you're not aboriginal you have the voice of immigrant parents too!” she challenges.

Join Noel (her local alter-ego) and a handful of Franghanistanians as Nel chucks all her art and soul on the barbie for a yarn that'll take your curry breath away.


AUG 2016 - AUG 2017

Each showcase has between 12-20 local artists of all genres. Nel directs, co-produces, manages and curates each showcase. With an audience capacity of 70, the showcases have been a sellout 4/5 times.


FEB 2013 -JUNE 2016

A 6 week experiential program incorporating live performance, storytelling, inter-generational trauma healing & wholistic art therapy. Each group has 5-15 women involved and the Showcases were open to the general public.

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