"..strongest female model I know. Endurance. Poise. Grace."  Janne Kearney, Artist, London Portrait Gallery

"Impeccable truth in her body." Kirsty Reilly, Director/Choreographer, NIDA Teacher

"Unique. Distinguished. An authentic, embodied muse." Amanda Schunker, Roar Drawing

 "Janelle is outstanding. She has an intuitive understanding of what artists need from poses, as well as the physical and emotional strength of a marathon runner in holding challenging and complex poses. She always goes above and beyond," Julie Roddy, Gordon Tafe

"...a raw and powerful presence. never static, even when still." Bronte Sommerfled, facilitator Melbourne Life Drawing

 "Talented. Needs no instruction. She is very strong and holds quite challenging poses extremely well.
Often surprises us with her own props including a pet python . With her theatrical background she brings an additional element of entertainment to life modelling. Janelle is at ease with her body and as a result she generates a relaxed feeling in our workshops. We always look forward to her sessions." Janelle Humphries, facilitator Geelong Art Society